Asset & VIP Access Management


Next-Gen Verification Access Management

By verifying various invisible attributes, you use multi-factor authentication in the real world. In addition, with X-Sensor you can use collective intelligence which can help you with a comprehensive real-time risk analysis and threat assessment.


Of course you can easily link the X-Sensor solution to your existing security techniques.

Preventive Protection using Predictive Analytics

Bringing Collective Predictive and Preventive Analytics to the real world.


X-Sensor verifies real-time unknown, authorized, unauthorized and flagged identities based on scanning the wireless and cellular (GSM, LTE and 5G) spectrum. Based on combining detected valuable data, a risk or access assessment is made using machine learning and privacy-centric AI.


Preventive Protection using Predictive Analytics

Example Use Case

Example use case, accessing a property:


Vehicle arrives, both e-calling and fleet management identities are validated. In addition, it looks at the number of identities in the vehicle, are they unknown, authorized, unauthorized or flagged. Is there an unknown GPS tracker on board, are there other identities that were not known when you left the property, and so on.


Naturally, the X-Sensor can also be used for sensitive area protection and safe room protection, whereby preventive action can be taken on the basis of predictive analyses.