Anti Shoplifting Prevention


Shoplifting Prevention Technology & Detection

External shoplifting generally involves individual repeat offenders and micro-gangs. Micro-gangs consist of 2 to 3 people who assist in the theft by distracting store staff. This also applies to break-ins when the store is about to close.


With the X-Sensor Shoplifting Prevention Technology, it would be possible to detect micro-gangs faster when correlation techniques are applied using shoplifting detection with digital footprint patterns. X-Sensor has added benefit of preemptive silent alerts to the retailer.


Anti-Shoplifting Prevention & Detection

With our shoplifting protection technology, retailers can access shoplifting suspects, detected in real time, thanks our on-the-go pattern processing.


X-Sensor’s anti-shoplifting app, through it prevention and detection capabilities, has the ability to better protect staff from harmful events. Thereby helping to prevent many employees from experiencing long-lasting stress after a violent event, such as sleepless nights or reduced concentration in daily life.


Employees empowered to identify a violent person and are warned after each store visit and informed when they visit the affected or another store.