Saving up to 30% on retail theft

Inventory Loss & Shrinkage Protection

Inventory Loss / Shrinkage Protection

  • Preventively manage the problem of shrinkage
  • Controlling unauthorised access in segmented areas
  • Detect an internal theft or shoplifting
Inventory Shrinkage - Unrecognisable Unauthorised Detection

Identify unrecognisable intruders

  • Predict a break-in or theft from prior physical visits
  • Identify an intruder through their digital footprint
  • Downloadable forensic report for investigation
Real-Time: Shoplifting, Theft and Intruder Detection

Real-time intruder detection & verification

  • Prevent intruders from outsmarting recognition
  • Capture correlation & behavioural patterns
  • Identify hot & cold spots reducing theft

X-SENSOR. Designed to increase your profits!

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Saving up to 30% of the ever increasing problem of retail theft.
Increase your profits by 2.5% with X-SENSOR.

    Lower Your

    Inventory Shrinkage!



    of known shoplifters were detected entering at least two separate locations of the same retail chain.



    is the percentage that inventory shrinkage costs a retailer, regardless of whether the loss is inflicted by a dishonest employee or organised retail criminals.


    Plug & Play Sensors

    AI Smart Dashboard


    High ROI, Cost reduction

    Real-time Inventory Shrinkage Protection

    One-Click Launch Operations Center

    Each “Detector” is securely connected to the Operations Center.

    The X-SENSOR Detector detects passively and privacy-compliant a mobile’s footprint (metadata) that is collected and displayed in the AI-based Operations Center smart dashboard.

    Mobile devices are seen as entities that give a behaviourally insight of authorised- or unauthorised visitors in a segmented area.

    Thanks to the built-in Artificial Intelligence predictive correlation techniques an intruder can be detected and a break-in or theft be prevented.

    Plug & Play Retail Theft Prevention Technology

    X-SENSOR Detector

    Indoor & Outdoor Detector


    Each X-SENSOR Detector is operational within one hour, without the need of technical knowledge. By the use of multiple sensors it is possible to segment areas both indoor as outdoor.


    The weather-proof X-SENSOR Detector Outdoor can be placed outside as Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS). The X-SENSOR Detector Indoor can be placed in any segmented (inventory) areas.

    Employee Theft and Inventory Shrinkage Loss
    Inventory Theft and Shoplifting Protection by Intrusion Detection


    Privacy compliant security tool


    The SOC dashboard is developed upon the Privacy-By-Design principles based upon International Privacy- and the GDPR guidelines.


    The sensor solution provided to the retailers passed the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and Secure Over The Air (SOTA) which is available for the customers to review.

    Preventive Technology

    Real-time intruders detection tool


    By the use of predictive correlation techniques entities can be connected with each other without the need for visual authentication.


    Due to correlation techniques, manual and automatic behaviour analytics the forensic data can be enhanced with entity verification.

    Shoplifting Inventory Shrinkage Loss Prevention

    Safeguarding your store operations.

    X-SENSOR. Become more resilient against Shrinkage: Shoplifting, Theft and Break-ins.

    X-SENSOR Detector & Operations Center Summary

    Prevent intruders from outsmarting cameras and facial recognition when being unrecognisable.

    Every mobile device leaves a material footprint with unique characters. By the use of the AI techniques the data points convey a tremendous amount of valuable data.

    Collecting and analyzing this valuable data based on manual input, automatic detection and Artificial Intelligence technology allows you to recognise and identify an intruder, resulting in shoplifting, theft and break-in prevention.

    Real-time shoplifting, theft and break-in prevention

    Identify unrecognisable persons by making them digitally recognisable

    Stop worrying about Shrinkage, just turn on the disruptive X-SENSOR technology