Physical & Retail Asset Protection


Physical Asset Protection @ Retail Stores

X-Sensor’s asset protection solution detects wireless and cellular devices when they physically enter a store and enable a store owner to mark a device as present at the time of a crime.


We give security guards a better insight into shop damage caused by theft. To keep an eye on criminals and micro-gangs, it is possible to place multiple X-Sensor detectors throughout the store.


Multi-store retailers can create a chain of X-Sensor devices across multiple stores to protect the assets of large retail corporates and all feeding into a single security dashboard, if preferred.

Retail Asset Protection at Physical Retail Stores
Physical Asset Protection with Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss & Asset Protection

In addition to internal and external retail loss protection, X-Sensor can also be used to reduce retail violence.


Unfortunately, violence or the threat of violence is often committed along with retail theft. In retail theft cases where violence or the threat of violence occurs, 22% involves knives, 17% involves firearms, and 8% involves physical violence. This can cause not only physical harm to your staff but mental harm, particularly when the culprit remains at large.


Our technology can be used beyond just store asset loss protection, but also for the personnel protection of retail store employees and customer bystanders. Our X-Sensor technology sends preventive alerts about offenders known to staff or the store, in real-time, to prepare for what might come next by knowing who is in the store and when.