Retail Store Security

X-Sensor is a next-generation store security solution that reduces retail theft and violence by better detecting shoplifters. Making it possible to preventively and proactively detect micro-gangs that commit theft within a store and a retail chain.

You can manage one or more X-Sensors from one location. Even multiple stores, from ten to a thousand stores in one dashboard.

X-SENSOR | Retail Theft Prevention Technology

Multi-Store Security

Manage X-Sensors @ unlimited stores.

Often microgangs visit multiple stores and the participants of the microgang are rotated. Nowadays they are more difficult to detect with facial recognition due to face masks and hoodies, among other things.

Take advantage of the built-in Correlation & Pattern Detection.

Asset Protection

Increasing layers of security.

Combining X-Sensor (API) technology with existing asset protection solutions also reduces false alarms in the store.

X-Sensor uses predictive analytics with which the AI-based data can contribute to the insight into shoplifting behavior.

Remote controllable

Automatic detection technology.

60% of known microgangs were detected in at least two separate locations of the same retail chain.

Prevent intruders from outsmarting recognition, capture micro-gangs using correlation and behavioral patterns, and identify hot & cold spots to reduce theft.

Real-Time Retail Theft Prevention

The X-Sensor real-time and fact-based asset protection data security solution detects shoplifting criminals and micro-gangs based on wireless (digital) footprints.


Research shows that 90% of micro-gangs and individual shoplifters carried a smartphone or other wireless device during a retail theft.

Privacy Compliant Asset Protection

Unlike existing asset protection techniques, X-Sensor wireless spectrum detection brings machine learning to stores.


X-Sensor has been developed on the basis of Privacy-By-Design where only the necessary data is accessible to the retailer and his staff. Sensitive information based on the federated learning principle is not available. This makes this X-Sensor an exclusive privacy-compliant store security solution.