Privacy Policy 

X-SENSOR with registered offices at Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie 202, 2593 CC Den  Haag, The Netherlands (“X-SENSOR”), is committed to protecting the online privacy of  the users of this website (“Website”). As such, this Privacy Policy has been written in  order to allow you to understand X-SENSOR’s policy regarding your privacy, as well as  how your personal information will be handled when using the Website. This Privacy  Policy will also provide you with information so that you are able to consent to the  processing of your personal data in an explicit and informed manner, where appropriate. 

In general, any information and data which you provide to X-SENSOR over the Website,  or which is otherwise gathered via the Website by X-SENSOR, in the context of the use  of X-SENSOR’s services (“Services”), will be processed by X-SENSOR in a lawful, fair  and transparent manner. To this end, and as further described below, X-SENSOR takes  into consideration internationally recognised principles governing the processing of  personal data, such as purpose limitation, storage limitation, data minimisation, data  quality and confidentiality. 


  1. Data controller and Data Protection Officer 
  2. Personal Data processed 
  3. Name, contact details and other Personal Data 
  4. Job applications 
  5. Special categories of Personal Data 
  6. Other persons’ Personal Data 
  7. Browsing data 
  8. Cookies
  9. Purposes of processing 
  10. Grounds for processing and mandatory or discretionary nature of processing 5. Recipients of Personal Data 
  11. Transfer of Personal Data 
  12. Retention of Personal Data 
  13. Data subjects’ rights 
  14. Amendments 
  15. Data controller and Data Protection Officer

X-SENSOR, as identified at the top of this Privacy Policy, is the data controller regarding  all personal data processing carried out through the Website. 

To get in touch with X-SENSOR’s Data Protection Officer, please contact: 

  1. Personal Data processed

When you use the Website, X-SENSOR will collect and process information regarding  you (as an individual) which allows you to be identified either by itself, or together with  other information which has been collected. X-SENSOR may also be able to collect and  process information regarding other persons in this same manner, if you choose to  provide it to X-SENSOR. 

This information may be classified as “Personal Data”, and can be collected by X SENSOR both when you choose to provide it (e.g., when you sign up for an account, in  order to receive X-SENSOR’s Services) or simply by analysing your behavior on the  Website.

Personal Data which can be processed by X-SENSOR through the Website are as  follows: 

  1. Name, contact details and other Personal Data

In various sections of the Website – including, in particular, if you decide to create an  account on the Website – you will be asked to submit information such as your name,  phone / mobile numbers, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, country of residence and  address, as well as, in certain cases, information related to the company you currently  work for and your position in that company. When subscribing or signing up to receive  Services, you will need to provide information as to your preferred mode of payment – PayPal or credit card – which can be set as a default payment option (where available). 

In addition, whenever you participate in surveys and other promotions or contests which  may be available on the Website, as well as whenever you communicate with X SENSOR through the contact details provided in the Website or by telephone with  Customer Service, X-SENSOR may collect additional information which you choose to  provide. This is also the case regarding any information you choose to disclose in  certain sections of the Website which allow you to participate in a public forum or to  contact X-SENSOR directly. 

  1. Job applications

When registering to apply for a position within X-SENSOR, in the “Careers” section of  the Website (when available), you will also be asked to provide various types of  Personal Data, including professional / employment details (e.g., resume, cover letter,  professional qualifications, availability to start, professional social media URLs, etc.). 

You are also asked to provide other job-specific information, which includes your marital  status, gender and date of birth, which may help to give more insight into you as a  candidate – however, this is entirely optional and not mandatory (unless otherwise  provided by the applicable law).

  1. Special categories of Personal Data

Certain areas of the Website include free text fields where you can write messages to X SENSOR, or otherwise allow you to post various types of content on the Website, which  may contain Personal Data. 

Where these fields are completely free, you may use them to disclose, or may post  content which discloses (inadvertently or not) more sensitive categories of Personal  Data, such as data revealing your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or  philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership. The content you upload in these fields  may also (inadvertently or not) include other types of sensitive information relating to  you, such as your genetic data, biometric data or data concerning your health, sex life or  sexual orientation. 

X-SENSOR asks that you do not disclose any sensitive Personal Data in these free text  fields or in your posts on the Website, unless you consider this to be strictly necessary. If  you do, then you will be considered as having consented to X-SENSOR’s processing of  this Personal Data, which will be considered lawful also due to the fact that you have  publicly disclosed it on the Website. 

In any case, X-SENSOR would stress the importance of providing your explicit consent  to process this sort of Personal Data (e.g., by declaring that you consent to processing  in the message you write in the free text fields or posts), if you decide, nonetheless, to  share it. 

When registering to apply for a position within X-SENSOR, in the “Careers” section of  the Website (where available), you are also asked to submit (optionally) additional  Personal Data, identified as “job-specific information”. Here, you may choose to share  information, e.g., regarding any disabilities you may have. As it is totally optional to  provide this information, if you do, then you will be considered as having consented to X SENSOR’s processing of this Personal Data, which will be considered lawful also due to  the fact that you have publicly disclosed it on the Website.

  1. Other persons’ Personal Data

As mentioned in the previous section, certain areas of the Website include free text  fields where you can write messages to X-SENSOR, or otherwise allow you to post  various types of content on the Website. These messages and content may  (inadvertently or not) include Personal Data related to other persons. 

In any situation where you decide to share Personal Data related to other persons, you  will be considered as an independent data controller regarding that Personal Data, and  must assume all inherent legal obligations and responsibilities. This means, among other things, that you must fully indemnify X-SENSOR against any complaints, claims or  demands for compensation for damages which may arise from the processing of this  Personal Data, brought by the third parties whose information you provide through the  Website. 

As X-SENSOR does not collect this information directly from these third parties (but  rather collects them, indirectly, from you), you must make sure that you have these third  parties’ consent before providing any information regarding them to X-SENSOR; if not,  then you must make sure there is some other appropriate grounds on which you can rely  to lawfully give X-SENSOR this information. 

  1. Browsing data

The Website’s operation, as is standard with any websites on the Internet, involves the  use of computer systems and software procedures, which collect information about the  Website’s users as part of their routine operation. While X-SENSOR does not collect this  information in order to link it to specific users, it is still possible to identify those users  either directly via that information, or by using other information collected – as such, this  information must also be considered Personal Data. 

This information includes several parameters related to your operating system and IT  environment, including your IP address, location (country), the domain names of your  computer, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of resources you request on  the Website, the time of requests made, the method used to submit requests to the  server, the dimensions of the file obtained in response to a request, the numerical code 

indicating the status of the response sent by the server (successful, error, etc.), and so  on. 

These data are used to compile statistical information on the use of the Website, as well  as to ensure its correct operation and identify any faults and/or abuse of the Website. 

  1. Cookies

– Definitions, characteristics, and application of standards 

Cookies are small text files that may be sent to and registered on your computer by the  websites you visit, to then be re-sent to those same sites when you visit them again. It is  thanks to these cookies that those websites can “remember” your actions and  preferences (e.g., login data, language, font size, other display settings, etc.), so that  you do not need to configure them again when you next visit the website, or when you  change pages within a website. 

Cookies are used for electronic authentication, monitoring of sessions and storage of  information regarding your activities when accessing a website. They may also contain a  unique ID code which allows tracking of your browsing activities within a website, for  statistical or advertising purposes. Some operations within a website may not be able to  be performed without the use of cookies which, in certain cases, are technically  necessary for operation of the website. 

When browsing a website, you may also receive cookies from websites or web servers  other than the website being visited (i.e., “third-party cookies”). 

There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions,  which may be stored on your computer for different periods of time: “session cookies”,  which are automatically deleted when you close your browser, and “persistent  cookies”, which will remain on your device until their pre-set expiration period passes. 

According to the law which may be applicable to you, your consent may not always be  necessary for cookies to be used on a website. In particular, “technical cookies” – i.e.  cookies which are only used to send messages through an electronic communications  network, or which are needed to provide services you request – typically do not require 

this consent. This includes browsing or session cookies (used to allow users to login)  and function cookies (used to remember choices made by a user when accessing the  website, such as language or products selected for purchase). 

On the other hand, “profiling cookies” – i.e., cookies used to create profiles on users  and to send advertising messages in line with the preferences revealed by users while  browsing websites – typically require specific consent from users, although this may vary  according to the applicable law. 

– Types of cookies used by the Website 

The Website use the following types of cookies: 

  • Browsing or session cookies, which are strictly necessary for the Website’s operation, and/or to allow you to use the Website’s content and Services. 
  • Analytics cookies, which allow X-SENSOR to understand how users make use  of the Website, and to track traffic to and from the Website. 
  • Function cookies, which are used to activate specific Website functions and to  configure the Website according to your choices (e.g., language), in order to  improve your experience. 
  • Profiling cookies, which are used to observe the preferences you reveal through  your use of the Website and to send you advertising messages in line with  those preferences. 

X-SENSOR also uses third-party cookies – i.e. cookies from websites / web servers  other than the Website, owned by third parties. These third parties will either act as  independent data controllers from X-SENSOR regarding their own cookies (using the  data they collect for their own purposes and under terms defined by them) or as data  processors for X-SENSOR (processing personal data on X-SENSOR’s behalf). For  further information on how these third parties may use your information, please refer to  their privacy policies:

  • AppNexus: policy#choices
  • CloudFlare:
  • Crimtan:
  • Facebook:
  • Google:
  • Insider:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Sitefinity / Progress:; Social Plus:

– Cookies present on the Website 

– Cookie settings 

You can block or delete cookies used on the Website via your browser options. Your  cookie preferences will be reset if different browsers are used to access the Website.  For more information on how to set the preferences for cookies via your browser, please  refer to the following instructions: 

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

CAUTION: If you block or delete technical and/or function cookies used by the  Website, the Website may become impossible to browse, certain services or functions of  the Website may become unavailable or other malfunctions may occur. In this case, you  may have to modify or manually enter some information or preferences every time you  visit the Website. 

X-SENSOR uses Google Analytics on the Website. This is a tool developed by Google  and used to collect information, which permits evaluation of the use of the Website,  analysis of your behavior and improvement of your experience with the Website. You  can obtain more information about how to opt out of Google Analytics  at:

  1. Purposes of processing

X-SENSOR intends to use your Personal Data, collected through the Website, for the  following purposes: 

  • To verify your identity and assist you, in case you lose or forget your login / password details for any of X-SENSOR’s registration services, to allow you to participate in the Website’s forums and discussions, by maintaining a registered  user profile, as well as managing and registering your participation, and to  provide any other Services which you may request (“Service Provision”); 
  • To examine applicant’s resumes / CVs and to get in contact with applicants who  have submitted their application via the Website (“Recruitment”); 
  • For future marketing, promotional and publicity purposes, including to allow  participation in contests and promotions available via the Website, as well as to  carry out direct marketing, market research and surveys, via e-mail, SMS, push  notifications, over the phone, through an operator, through X-SENSOR’s official  social media pages (“Marketing”); 
  • To create a profile of you as a Website user, through the use of profiling cookies  and by collecting and analysing information on the preferences you select and  choices you make in the Website, as well as your general activities on the  Website. This profile will be used to give you information about other websites / 

services which X-SENSOR believes you may be interested in, and to show you  information and advertisements which may be relevant to you and your  interests. All algorithms involved in this processing are regularly tested, to  ensure the processing’s fairness and control for bias (“Profiling”); 

  • For compliance with laws which impose upon X-SENSOR the collection and/or  further processing of certain kinds of Personal Data (“Compliance”); 
  • For development and administration of the Website, in particular by use of data  analytics regarding how you and other users use the Website, as well as the  information and feedback you provide, to improve our offerings (“Analytics”); 
  • To prevent and detect any misuse of the Website, or any fraudulent activities  carried out through the Website (“Misuse/Fraud”). 
  1. Grounds for processing and mandatory / discretionary nature of processing

X-SENSOR’s legal bases to process your Personal Data, according to the purposes  identified in Section 3 , are as follows: 

  • Service Provision: processing for these purposes is necessary to provide the Services and, therefore, is necessary for the performance of a contract with you. It is not mandatory for you to give X-SENSOR your Personal Data for  these purposes; however, if you do not, X-SENSOR will not be able to provide  any Services to you. 
  • Recruitment: processing for this purpose is needed in order for X-SENSOR to be  able to consider offering you a position and, therefore, is necessary to take  steps at your request before (potentially) entering into an employment contract.  It is not mandatory for you to give X-SENSOR your Personal Data for these  purposes; however, if you do not, X-SENSOR will not be able to consider your  candidacies. 
  • Marketing: processing for these purposes is based on your consent. It is not  mandatory for you to give consent to X-SENSOR for use of your Personal Data  for these purposes, and you will suffer no consequence if you choose not to 

(aside from not being able to receive further marketing communications from X SENSOR). Any consent given may also be withdrawn at a later stage (please  see Section 8 for more information). 

  • Profiling: processing for this purpose is based on your consent, given by  accepting the use of profiling cookies. It is not mandatory for you to give  consent to X-SENSOR for use of your Personal Data for this purpose, and you  will suffer no consequence if you choose not to (aside from not being able to  benefit from greater personalisation of your user experience regarding the  Website). Any consent given may also be withdrawn at a later stage (please see Section 8 for more information). 
  • Compliance: processing for this purpose is necessary for X-SENSOR to comply  with its legal obligations. When you provide any Personal Data to X-SENSOR,  X-SENSOR must process it in accordance with the laws applicable to it, which  may include retaining and reporting your Personal Data to official authorities for  compliance with tax, customs or other legal obligations. 
  • Analytics: Information collected for this purpose is used to allow X-SENSOR to  understand how users interact with the Website and to improve the Website  accordingly, with the aim to providing a better user experience. 
  • Misuse/Fraud: Information collected for this purpose is used exclusively to  prevent and detect fraudulent activities or misuse of the Website (for potentially  criminal purposes). 
  1. Recipients of Personal Data 

Your Personal Data may be shared with the following list of persons / entities  (“Recipients”): 

  • Persons, companies or professional firms providing X-SENSOR with advice and consultancy regarding accounting, administrative, legal, tax, financial and debt collection matters related to the provision of the Services;
  • Entities engaged in order to provide the Services (e.g., hosting providers or e-mail  platform providers); 
  • Entities engaged as data processors, to carry out processing activities related  to Marketing on X-SENSOR’s behalf, where you have consented to processing  of your Personal Data for these purposes (e.g., SMS engines); 
  • Persons authorised to perform technical maintenance (including maintenance of  network equipment and electronic communications networks); 
  • Persons authorised by X-SENSOR to process Personal Data needed to carry out  activities strictly related to the provision of the Services, who have undertaken  an obligation of confidentiality or are subject to an appropriate legal obligation of  confidentiality (e.g., employees of X-SENSOR); 
  • Other companies within the X-SENSOR; and 
  • Public entities, bodies or authorities to whom your Personal Data may be  disclosed, in accordance with the applicable law or binding orders of those  entities, bodies or authorities; 
  1. Transfer of Personal Data

Considering X-SENSOR’s worldwide presence and business operations, your Personal  Data may be transferred to Recipients located in several different countries. X-SENSOR implements appropriate safeguards to ensure the lawfulness and security of these  Personal Data transfers, such as by relying on adequacy decisions from the European  Commission, standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission,  or other safeguards or conditions considered adequate to the transfer at hand. 

  1. Retention of Personal Data

Personal Data processed for Service Provision will be kept by X-SENSOR for the  period deemed strictly necessary to fulfil such purposes – in any case, as these  Personal Data are processed for the provision of the Services, X-SENSOR may  continue to store this Personal Data for a longer period, as may be necessary to protect 

X-SENSOR’s interests related to potential liability related to the provision of the  Services. 

Personal Data processed for Recruitment will be kept by X-SENSOR for as long as the  vacancy for which the CV was submitted is still available or, in case of open positions,  for up to 1 year. X-SENSOR may contact applicants before the expiration of this period  to request an extension of the retention period. 

Personal Data processed for Marketing and Profiling will be kept by X-SENSOR from  the moment you give consent until the moment you withdraw the consent given. Once  consent is withdrawn, Personal Data will no longer be used for these purposes, although  it may still be kept by X-SENSOR, in particular as may be necessary to protect X SENSOR’s interests related to potential liability related to this processing. 

Personal Data processed for Compliance will be kept by X-SENSOR for the period  required by the specific legal obligation or by the applicable law. 

Personal Data processed for Analytics and Misuse/Fraud will be kept by X-SENSOR for as long as deemed strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, unless you validly object to the processing of your Personal Data for these purposes  (please see Section 8 for more information). 

  1. Data subjects’ rights

Under the Regulation, you, as a data subject, are entitled to exercise the following rights  before X-SENSOR, at any time: 

  • Access your Personal Data being processed by X-SENSOR (and/or a copy of that Personal Data), as well as information on the processing of your Personal Data; 
  • Correct or update your Personal Data processed by X-SENSOR, where it may be  inaccurate or incomplete; 
  • Request erasure of your Personal Data being processed by X-SENSOR, where  you feel that the processing is unnecessary or otherwise unlawful;
  • Request the restriction of the processing of your Personal Data, where you feel  that the Personal Data processed is inaccurate, unnecessary or unlawfully  processed, or where you have objected to the processing; 
  • Exercise your right to portability: the right to obtain a copy of your Personal Data  provided to X-SENSOR, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable  format, as well as the transmission of that Personal Data to another data  controller; 
  • Object to the processing of your Personal Data, based on relevant grounds  related to your particular situation, which you believe must prevent X-SENSOR from processing your Personal Data; or 
  • Withdraw your consent to processing (for Marketing and Profiling). 

Please note that most of the personal information you provide to X-SENSOR can be  changed at any time, including your e-mail preferences, by accessing the user profile  you can create on the Website. 

You can withdraw consent regarding processing for Marketing by selecting the  appropriate link included at the bottom of every marketing e-mail message received. 

Aside from the above means, you can also exercise your rights described above by  sending us a support request via the Website, or by sending a written request to X SENSOR at the following address: 

In any case, please note that, as a data subject, you are entitled to file a complaint with  the competent supervisory authorities for the protection of Personal Data, if you believe  that the processing of your Personal Data carried out through the Website is unlawful.

  1. Amendments

This Privacy Policy entered into force on May 23, 2018. X-SENSOR reserves the right to  partly or fully amend this Privacy Policy, or simply to update its content, e.g., as a result  of changes in applicable law. X-SENSOR will inform you of such changes as soon as  they are introduced, and they will be binding as soon as they are published on the  Website. X-SENSOR therefore invites you to regularly visit this Privacy Policy in order to  acquaint yourself with the latest, updated version of the Privacy Policy, so that you may  remain constantly informed on how X-SENSOR collects and uses Personal Data.