X-SENSOR | Full Spectrum Detection Technology

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Delivering more situational awareness.

Resulting in Predictive + Preventive + Proactive Security.

X-Sensor > Predictive Preventive Proactive Security

We combine Cyber Security with Physical Security.

With X-Sensor, Safety and Security Officers get enhanced real-time situational awareness.

By linking sensors together, it is possible to recognize (invisible) patterns and make valuable correlations.

X-Sensor Technology

X-Sensor constantly scans the entire wireless spectrum for mobile devices, vehicles, smartphones and smart wearables.

X-Sensor is a technology that can detect real-time unique identifiers of all types of wireless devices:

  • 5G Ready
  • 4G LTE
  • EDGE
  • GSM
  • WIFI
  • BLE
Depending on the requirements, the X-Sensor technology can be provided as an Integrable Core or All-in-One Set.

Detected Intelligence.

Real-time detection of known, unknown, authorized and unauthorized devices.

To learn more about our technology, contact us for a live demonstration.

Active Preventive Predictive Security Alerts

X-Sensor Detected + Collective Intelligence

Within the X-Sensor Advanced Dashboard we process the Detected Intelligence of each independent sensor into Collective Intelligence Insights.

In addition, users of the Advanced Dashboard can use many more smart integrated features:

  • Configurable Correlations
  • AI Based Correlations
  • Pattern Recognition

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in finding out more about how you can use the X-Sensor to gain more Evidence, Intelligence and Situational Awareness.