Collecting factual real-time Wireless intelligence

Prevents Escalations and Saves Lives

Minimize the possibility of an attack

With X•Detect you increase your officers' safety

X•Detect > Reduce violence, prevent assaults on officers, and collect factual intelligence

Provide your officers with more 360° or directional Situational Awareness before they leave the vehicle or reach the crime scene.

• Before leaving the Vehicle

Recognize whether a person to be apprehended, co-driver, bystander, or co-suspect is a known perpetrator or violent fugitive.

• Before entering a Crime Scene

Determine the crowd size and whether registered violent offenders or fugitives are present at or around the crime scene.

X•Detect > increase the Personal Safety
of Your Officers

Physical Predictive Security Alerts

X•Detect. An Additional Layer of Officers Safety

Designed to provide your officers with real-time life-saving intelligence before they leave their vehicle.

Contact us and ask about all X•Detect Passive, Hybrid and Active detection options.

Advantages of
X-Sensor Technologies

  • Increase insights by minimizing camera blind spots
  • Identify entirely unrecognizable suspects
  • Collect factual digital forensic evidence

  • Predict escalations during protests and riots
  • Preventive security against violence and crimes
  • Proactively monitor public spaces + hotspots

  • Reduce assaults against staff and customers
  • Use captured identifiers to pinpoint fleeing suspects
  • Alert officers, staff, customers and people preventively