360° Smart City Safety + Security

The Future of Security Insights

for Smart Cities

Highly Affordable Wireless Intelligence Technology with the use of X•Collective.

Combine X•Collective with CCTV and LPR Technology.

Discover how many data points been overlooked until now.
With X•Collective you receive more factual intelligence than ever before.

X•Collective deciphers Invisible to Visible Intelligence.
Real-Time. Forensic. Insights. Transparent.

  • Real-time 360° situational awareness anywhere at any time.
  • Prevent intelligence from being overlooked by camera blind spots.
  • Reduce in city violence and minimize assaults on first responders.

X•Collective > Designed to increase the Safety + Security in your city.

Increase the protection of your
Residents + Visitors + First Responders

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of X•Collect for your smart city.

Several Advantages of X•Collective

Track the Movement of Suspects, with preventive and proactive tools

Track the movements of fleeing suspects and pinpoint their exact location. When officers are ready to apprehend the suspect, verify the suspect against the fixed data attributes. Become even aware of multi-level connections that were previously undiscovered.

Prevent accidental Camera Blind Spots, Collect more Intelligence

With X•Collective your officers no longer have to work around camera blind spots. X•Collective detects, identifies and recognizes everyone in the proximity of the Highly Affordable Passive + Active + Hybrid Detector Stations.

Increase the protection of your Police Force & First Responders

Provide your officers with more situational awareness before they reach the crime scene. Determine the crowd size and whether registered violent offenders or fugitives are present at or around the crime scene.

X•Collective > Increase Your Intelligence Collection

Receive more intelligence than ever before in your city. More affordable and easier than you ever expected.

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Physical Predictive Security Alerts

Advantages of
X-Sensor Technologies

  • Increase insights by minimizing camera blind spots
  • Identify entirely unrecognizable suspects
  • Collect factual digital forensic evidence

  • Predict escalations during protests and riots
  • Preventive security against violence and crimes
  • Proactively monitor public spaces + hotspots

  • Reduce assaults against staff and customers
  • Use captured identifiers to pinpoint fleeing suspects
  • Alert officers, staff, customers and people preventively