Mobile Listening Device Detector


Permanent Detector Device to Detect Listening Devices

Automatic + Permanent Scanning of 2G GSM / 3G UMTS / 4G LTE Devices

Automatic + Permanent Mobile Listening Device Detector / Signal Analyzer

X-Guard ARPSA (Automatic Remote Permanent Signal Analyzer) is a high-speed entirely automatic multi-spectrum operational mobile listening device detector + broad-range spectrum analyzer.

Anti Spy Listening Mobile Device Detector

Allowing remote operators to detect and locate 2G GSM – 3G UMTS – 4G LTE mobile devices and other 70 MHz > 2300 MHz Devices remotely from their control room in both standby mode and active mode. Optionally extendable to 1 MHz to 6 Ghz.
Ask for the possibilities.

RF Signal Detector – Mobile Anti Spy + Listening Device Detector.

Detecting mobile devices on: 2G GSM + 3G UMTS + 4G LTE
Automatically. No need of manual labour. Multi-Frequency in One.

The X-Guard ARPSA-TSCM works within all 2G (GSM) – 3G (UMTS) – 4G (LTE) frequencies simultaneously! RF Signal Detector that scans within 2 Frequencies simultaneously with an operating distance from 30 feet to 150 feet and detects a mobile listening device within seconds.

Each Mobile Anti-Spy + Listening Device Detector can be monitored remotely from one Dashboard. Hundreds of RF Signal Detectors can be bound to one Dashboard.

X•Guard Mobile Listening Device Detector

  • Operates entirely autonomously, 24/7, multiple frequencies simultaneously
  • Designed to detect mobile listening devices on 2G + 3G + 4G
  • Detecting any 2G GSM Device in just seconds on Stand-by & Operational
  • Every Permanent X•Guard TSCM System operates standard in 2 frequencies
  • Optional – 1MHz to 6GHz – with automatic multi- (10x) frequency hopping
  • Modular; operational in 2 frequencies simultaneously
    • Every permanent + automatic X•Guard can be configured remotely
    • Standard 2 frequencies, can be extended to unlimited frequencies
    • Where all two frequencies operate within a different cellular gen
    • Where two certain frequencies can be set per cellular gen
    • Cellular Gen means: 2G GSM – 3G UMTS – 4G LTE
  • Detects and recognizes mobile phone voice, text and data transmissions
  • Simultaneously detect mobile / cell phones within up to 18 frequencies
  • Automatically detects 2G GSM, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE cell phones
  • Detects covert cell phones, e-SIM phones and smart phones
  • Detects standby cell phones + operational cell phones
  • Remotely monitorable cell phone detector, from a control room
  • Operational range from 30 feet to 150 feet per RF Signal Detector
  • The RF Signal Detector does not capture the IMSI / IMEI address
  • The length and width is comparable to an iPhone 13
  • The height is comparable to a deck of cards
  • Plug & Play, operational within 3 minutes
  • Fixed Power or Power Bank charged
  • Wireless and UTP Cable Connections
  • Highly Affordable + Modular + Flexible
  • Designed in The Netherlands, EU

Example 1: Single / One 150 Feet Range
Mobile Phone Device Detection

  • One X-Guard with an operational range of 150 feet
  • 2 x Frequencies – One X-Guard ARMSA Set
    – One Frequency per Cellular Generation
    – One Frequency per: 2G GSM + 4G LTE
  • Connected to a Stand-Alone / On-Premise Dashboard
  • Including one year technical hardware warranty
Mobile Phone Detector Single 1

Example 2: Triangulation 150 / 450 Feet Range
Mobile Phone Device Detection

  • Three X-Guards with an operational range of 150 feet
  • Triangulation, Mobile Phone Detection + Location
  • Three X-Guard ARMSA Setseach Set x 4 Frequencies
  • Detecting mobile phones on set: 4G LTE
    – Operating frequencies (four): 800 – 900 – 1800 – 2100 MHz
    – Three ARMSA Sets operating on same frequencies
  • Connected to a Stand-Alone / On-Premise Dashboard
  • Including one year technical hardware warranty
PNG Mobile Phone Detection Multi Device

Advantages of
X-Sensor Technologies

  • Increase insights by minimizing camera blind spots
  • Identify entirely unrecognizable suspects
  • Collect factual digital forensic evidence

  • Predict escalations during protests and riots
  • Preventive security against violence and crimes
  • Proactively monitor public spaces + hotspots

  • Reduce assaults against staff and customers
  • Use captured identifiers to pinpoint fleeing suspects
  • Alert officers, staff, customers and people preventively