Combined Spectrum GSM+EDGE 4G LTE 4G+5G IMSI Collector

Privacy-By-Design Mobile IMSI Collector

PBIC = Portable + Plug & Play
Baseband Identifiers Collector

IMSI Collector
+ 5G-Ready
+ 4G LTE

Collecting Invisible Intelligence

The X-Sensor PBIC is an highly affordable IMSI Collector + Wireless Identifiers Collector.


Enabling officers to detect and identify wireless devices within the spectrums: GSM – EDGE – 4G LTE – 5G-Ready – BLE – WIFI.


Affordably detect, identify, locate and correlate unauthorized, unauthorized or suspects based on their IMSI and other mobile identifiers.

Wireless Devices Identifiers + IMSI Collector

The Plug & Play X-Sensor PBIC is developed for targeted intelligence gathering, providing officers with more factual evidence and situational awareness. Collecting Wireless Identifiers such as the IMSI – IMEI – and other attributes without downgrading or jamming.


Without any technical knowledge, the X-Sensor PBIC can be discretely or covertly deployed at any location within minutes. Detecting and identifying wireless devices within the range of operation from 5 yards up to 250 yards.

PBIC Identifiers + IMSI Collector - Deployments

User-Friendly + Plug & Play + Portable


Deployments: Close Proximity portable investigations, Close Proximity fixed observations, Indoor fixed surveillance, Outdoor fixed surveillance, Portable long distance, Outside integrated sets, and so on.


Designed to remotely collect “invisible” signal intelligence from: Smartphones – Cell Phones – Burner Phones – Tablets – Phablets – Vehicles – Trailers – GPS Trackers – Smart Watches – Smart Wearables – Smart Cameras – Headphones – Earpods – And so on.

Privacy-By-Design Identifiers Collector

Providing your officers with real-time situational awareness and life-saving insights.


It does not intercept communications, it does not manipulate transmitted or received data, it purely detects + identifies mobile devices. Thanks to its high accuracy law enforcement officers can use the X-Sensor PBIC to accurately target suspects and areas where suspects are or may be located.


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