Future of Safety + Security

Designed for Smart Countries + Cities + Communities

X-Alert is our vision of the Future.

This video represents our Smart Safety + Security vision with an emphasis on:

  • Crime Prevention

  • Violence Prevention

  • Assault Prevention

Creating a Safer and more Secure Environment for Everyone


Based on real-time intelligence:

  • Predict highly accurate escalations
  • Increase your situational awareness
  • Identify physically invisible threats
  • Minimize camera blind spots 
  • Recognize Patterns of Life


With more factual wireless intelligence (digital forensic evidence), we provide you with the ability to act more proactively and preventatively against crime.


Reduce violence. Increasingly protect:

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Security Officers
  • Store Employees
  • Tourists & Visitors
  • Local Residents


Prevent correlations between different locations from going unnoticed.

Recognize threats faster so that preventive and proactive action can be taken if necessary.


Minimize physical assaults. Better protect:

  • Women
  • Minorities
  • Children + Students
  • Your Loved Ones + Family
  • Residents + Tourists + Staff


In addition to smart sensors, X-Alert also offers user-friendly AI Recognition Capabilities for end users where they are better protected 365/24/7.

As a result, more real-time, proactive and preventive action can be taken.

Let us help your Smart
Country + City + Community

In combination with the smart AI-driven and Sensing X-Alert Wireless Intelligence Technology and other technologies, together with you we can realize this vision of a Smart Secure + Safe Country, City and Community.

Let us demonstrate our smart comprehensive X-Alert Technology

Learn how X-Alert’s: Detection – Collection – Identification – Recognition – Correlation Wireless Intelligence Technology can help you.

Advantages of
X-Sensor Technologies

  • Increase insights by minimizing camera blind spots
  • Identify entirely unrecognizable suspects
  • Collect factual digital forensic evidence

  • Predict escalations during protests and riots
  • Preventive security against violence and crimes
  • Proactively monitor public spaces + hotspots

  • Reduce assaults against staff and customers
  • Use captured identifiers to pinpoint fleeing suspects
  • Alert officers, staff, customers and people preventively