Be Aware What is Happening Around You

True 360° Preventive Protection

X•Aware - intelligent add-on to:

existing Close + Personal Protection

X•Aware: the most innovative 24/7 + 360° Invisible & Visible Protection Technology

With X•Aware you can act more proactively by receiving real-time intelligent preventive alerts.

  • Detect when you are unwantedly being followed or observed
  • Discover if you are being followed by a group or lone actor
  • Identify and recognize who is following or observing you

X•Aware’s state-of-the-art innovative technology enables you to
stop potential attacks or other threats before they happen.

Increase Your:
• Situational Awareness
• Real-Time Intelligence
• Preventive Protection

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X•Aware is a must-have add-on to existing personal security services.

Unlike the existing Close Personal & Asset Protection, X•Aware operates completely autonomously and automatically transmits preventive alerts when it detects suspicious situations.

X•Aware. Designed to preventatively protect you (your clients)
while you are on the road, travelling, in the office or at home.

Use smart remote-monitorable technology to protect your clients better and more preventively. With X•Aware you always have 360° situational awareness and you see more than ever before.

With X•Aware at hand you increase your existing security and protection. Providing you with automatic Early Warnings + Preemptive Alerts + Factual Evidence Reports and more , anytime, anywhere.

Let X•Aware take your close + personal protection to the next level.

With X•Aware you are aware when you
are being Followed or Observed.

  • Avoid possible attacks or threats before they happens 
  • Easily blacklist identities and configure your X•Aware account
  • Prevent information from being overlooked by camera blind spots
  • Receive preemptive notifications when patterns of life suddenly deviate
  • 360° Situational Awareness of what is constantly 24/7 happening around you

Advantages of
X-Sensor Technologies

  • Increase insights by minimizing camera blind spots
  • Identify entirely unrecognizable suspects
  • Collect factual digital forensic evidence

  • Predict escalations during protests and riots
  • Preventive security against violence and crimes
  • Proactively monitor public spaces + hotspots

  • Reduce assaults against staff and customers
  • Use captured identifiers to pinpoint fleeing suspects
  • Alert officers, staff, customers and people preventively