PBIC | Law Enforcement

Combined Spectrum GSM+EDGE 4G LTE 4G+5G IMSI Collector

Mobile Identifiers + IMSI Collector

Evidence + Investigation
Use Cases

Minimizing the noise during IMSI collection

Identify the suspect’s IMSI at close range with the PBIC.

The less noise – the more accurate factual insights and evidence your officers capture – in just a matter of seconds.

Increased intelligence during investigations

The X-Sensor PBIC can be discreetly and unobtrusively integrated anywhere. As long as there is a power supply, the PBIC collects real-time intelligence.

Collecting factual digital forensic evidence

Receive insights with whom a suspect has frequent contact, which vehicles are used, and how extensive an organized crime gang or syndicate is. With X-Sensor you collect factual immutable identifiers.

Identify previously unknown connections + intelligence

Collect the IMSIs of the co-suspects and the IMSIs of the vehicle’s e-call systems, fleet management, GPS modules, secondary (personal) phones and other wireless devices. 

Verify if the suspects are present

Prior to a raid, preferably a few minutes in advance, it is important to have insight into whether a suspect is actually present. Recognize violent co-suspects to pre-emptively alert officers before entering a building.

Replace traditional surveillance vehicles

Prevent suspects from discovering surveillance operations. Automatically identify suspects remotely, and recognize when Patterns of Life deviate. Saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Predict escalations during protests and riots

Remotely determine crowd size and (rapid) growth in specific areas without the need for agents to infiltrate the crowd. Discover when violent repeat offenders suddenly join in.

Plug & Play + Portable Identifiers Collector

Providing your officers with real-time “previously invisible + unknown” situational awareness and life-saving insights.


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