Native 4G LTE TMSI + IMSI 4G LTE + 5G PBIC CORE Detector

PBIC Core Technology as Native 4G LTE IMSI Detector for a safer society.

4G LTE IMSI Detector
+ 5G-Ready

PBIC Core Technology

The X-Sensor PBIC Core technology has been developed to be widely used with the aim of contributing to a safe society.


The X-Sensor PBIC Core is the “core” of the Native 4G LTE IMSI Detector: PBIC (Proximity Baseband Identifier Collector). It has been developed and is made available to more affordably detect, identify, locate and correlate unauthorized, unauthorized or suspects based on their IMSI.

PBIC Core IMSI Detector

The X-Sensor PBIC Core is available as a Native 4G LTE IMSI Detector which can detect smartphones, vehicles and smart wearables. In addition, it can also detect the latest ESIM and 5G Ready smartphones.


Optionally, the X-Sensor PBIC Core can be expanded with GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi detection.


Interested to know more about the PBIC Core 4G LTE IMSI Detector or the PBIC Core Full Spectrum Detector solution please contact us for a demonstration.

PBIC Core vs PBIC Set


The X-Sensor PBIC Set is an All-In-One – Off The Shelf – easy deployable Fixed – Close Proximity “IMSI” or “Multi-Spectrum” Detector.

The client can select its Detector capabilities:

  • BLE
  • WIFI
  • BLE + WIFI
  • 4G LTE + 5G Ready
  • GSM + EDGE
  • Combined: 4G LTE + BLE + WIFI
  • Combined: GSM + BLE + WIFI
  • Multi-Spectrum: All Spectrums combined

The Ultra-Close Proximity is designed to detect within a range of 3 up to 5 meters. The Close Proximity is mainly designed for Indoor Detections, with a range of up to 50 meters / yards. With additional boosters both indoor and outdoor the range can be increased.



The X-Sensor PBIC Core is just the PBIC Core Processor, a Single Board Computer which is compatible with various SDRs and Amplifiers. Customers can easily assemble it themselves by just connecting the PBIC Core to the compatible SDR’s. This reduces costs and increases flexibility.


To learn more about the technology or pricing of the X-Sensor PBIC, please contact us for more information.