Identifiers + IMSI COLLECTOR

Combined Spectrum GSM+EDGE 4G LTE 4G+5G IMSI Collector

Privacy-By-Design Mobile IMSI Collector

PBIC = Portable + Plug & Play
Baseband Identifiers Collector

Identifier + IMSI Collector

Detect + Identify Devices within the Complete Wireless Spectrum

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“Law Enforcement + Public Safety” Introduction

Learn more about the PBIC use cases and deployment possibilities. Check our Introduction Datasheet below. 

Designed for Next-Level Situational Awareness and Crime Reduction

Keep your community and county Safe with the Plug & Play
“Identifiers + IMSI Collector” X-Sensor PBIC.


By collecting “invisible intelligence” constantly transmitted from mobile devices such as the IMSI, TMSI, IMEI, and other identifiers within the following spectrums:

GSM – EDGE – 4G LTE – 5G-Ready – BLE – WIFI.


Take advantage of built-in automation within the intuitive Dashboard. Without being overloaded with unnecessary data, the X-Sensor Dashboard gives officers quick access to digital forensic evidence and real-time intelligence.


Affordably detect, identify, locate and correlate IMSIs and other mobile identifiers with the X-Sensor PBIC.