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Public Safety
Use Cases

X-Sensor PBIC helps officers to keep communities safer.

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Increased situational awareness

Having access to factual real-time situational awareness can be of vital importance for officers. The very affordable X-Sensor PBIC is therefore flexible and modular for use in any situation.

Invisible intelligence collection

For “invisible intelligence” collection X-Sensor offers various PBIC models that are designed in such a way that they are portable, and at the same time can also be discretely integrated.

Preventive protection against repeat offenders

By placing the X-Sensor PBIC at perimeter entrances of playgrounds, public parks, schools and campuses, officers are preventively alerted preceding a repeat offender entering an area that is restricted for them.

Real-Time access to Public Safety Data

X-Sensor enables every officer to have real time access to necessary factual intelligence within seconds from the control room, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Collect factual intelligence

X-Sensor PBIC comes with a comprehensive smart advanced Dashboard with built-in automatic Correlation + Recognition + Observation capabilities and Collective Intelligence.

Better Public Safety with Preventive Security

Take preventively action when criminal gangs run into each other or drive into a neighborhood. Provide your officers with more situational awareness prior to entering a crime hotspot.

Prevent violent crimes and active shooting incidents

Recognize when “Patterns of Life” deviate. Receive warnings when suspects change their behavior and possibly prevent active shooter incidents and other crimes.

Plug & Play + Portable Identifiers Collector

Designed to identify and hold accountable repeat offenders and perpetrators of violent crime in your community.


The X-Sensor PBIC is Plug & Play available in a backpack, replaceable box, integrable package or fixed outdoor box.


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