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X-Sensor Public Security Solutions

X-Sensor > X-Alert

> X-Alert – Trigger based Situational Awareness + Evidence Collection

X-Sensor > X-Protect

> X-Protect – Remote additional 24/7 Public Protection Technology

X-Sensor > X-Scout

> X-Scout – Rapid Deployable Intelligence Gathering Technology

X-Sensor > X-Tactical

> X-Tactical Surv – Plug & Play Multi-Spectrum Surveillance Solution

> X-Tactical – Recon – Passive Multi-Detect Reconnaissance Solution

X-Sensor > X-IMSI

> X-IMSI – Portable + Tactical IMSI Wireless Attribute Collector

Alert officers preventively based on factual insights

Detect threats at an early stage with a comprehensive automatic risk classification. Alert officers preventively where registered offenders are present where they should not be.

Increase factual intelligence + evidence

Quickly verify if a known offender or accused violent perpetrator was present in the area where the crime occurred, at or around the time that the crime was committed.

Road Safety and Security deployments

Detects immutable IMSIs and wireless identifiers of occupants of any passing vehicle. Minimize the chance that known suspects, or fugitives will stay out of the sight of Law Enforcement by switching vehicles.

Plug & Play + Portable Identifiers Collector

Designed to identify and hold accountable repeat offenders and perpetrators of violent crime in your community.


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